Crisis Management

When dire circumstances loom, experience and foresight matter.

Crises come without warning and require swift, decisive action based on real-world, hands-on experience. A solid crisis management plan—and an experienced partner poised to act when an issue arises—can make an enormous difference.

As a national law firm, Ballard Spahr develops strategic crisis plans that are as holistic as they are specific. Each plan is applicable to the unique characteristics of a client’s industry, geographic location, operations model, and risk profile—allowing clients to prepare and respond quickly, while never losing sight of long-range legal, reputational, and management concerns. Our work blends legal advocacy with public, media, community, government, and shareholder relations. When a crisis occurs, we are ready to assist—whether it is with a data breach, a product recall, a government investigation, an emergency among a leadership team, a major supply-chain issue, or a natural disaster.