PFAS Regulation, Enforcement, and Litigation

As federal and state lawmakers and regulators tighten rules around PFAS chemicals, we are at the forefront of addressing the widespread challenges raised by the evolving legal landscape. Chief among the concerns are liability in connection with manufacturing and use of PFAS, including in retail and consumer products, as well as contaminated sites. Our interdisciplinary PFAS practice encompasses regulatory compliance, litigation, and transactional attorneys with deep technical knowledge and experience. This blend of legal and technical acumen enables us to provide comprehensive support to clients facing PFAS-related challenges and novel legal questions.

The lawyers in our PFAS practice stand ready to assist businesses in navigating the legal complexities surrounding PFAS liability. Whether under state environmental laws or federal statutes such as CERCLA, RCRA, and TSCA, we tailor legal strategies to protect our clients’ interests and navigate compliance obligations. We also defend prominent consumer product companies facing claims and threatened claims, including class actions, based on PFAS in products. We guide our clients through every facet of PFAS management to ensure compliance with evolving regulations and to mitigate potential liabilities.

PFAS Legislation Tracker

Digital tool tracks evolving regulation of the chemicals.
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  • Representing global chemical company in four natural resource damage cases initiated by the State of New Jersey in New Jersey federal court, involving allegations of widespread PFAS contamination of soil and groundwater. This complex environmental litigation requires a deep understanding of New Jersey common law and statutory claims, including the New Jersey Spill Act and Industrial Sites Recovery Act. It also involves engaging technical experts on PFAS distribution in the environment. 
  • Representing global chemical company in New Jersey state court, where a municipality alleges that our clients caused widespread PFAS contamination of soil and groundwater. The matter involves significant technical understanding of PFAS characteristics, their distribution in soil and groundwater, and treatment options.
  • Representing a group of parties performing a focused remedial investigation/feasibility study at a Superfund site in Pennsylvania. The group’s work includes addressing the scope and nature of PFAS investigation appropriate or necessary for the site with the EPA.