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Ballard Spahr Recognized by BTI's 2019 Brand Elite Report

May 22, 2019

Ballard Spahr is among the top law firms for brand recognition, according to a recent survey of general counsel and top legal decision-makers across the country.

The 2019 BTI Brand Elite: Client Perceptions of the Best-Branded Law Firms report recognizes Ballard Spahr in all three of its ranking categories—Client Experience, Premium Worthy, and Innovation—and in six of nine key areas within the categories. The rankings are based on a survey of nearly 700 legal decision-makers at companies with at least $1 billion in annual revenue.

According to the survey, Ballard Spahr is a firm clients consider first when it comes to hiring for new assignments, and one they are likely to recommend to peers and colleagues. The survey results also indicate that the firm is a trailblazer and industry leader in innovation. It has invested significantly in its Client Value and Innovation Program, which is designed to provide clients with value-based pricing, matter management, and technology solutions tailored to meet their needs. The program is led by Chief Client Value and Innovation Officer Melissa Prince.

Ballard Spahr has always been committed to listening to the needs of clients and to delivering exceptional client service. In recent years, it has strategically focused on increasing client value by providing ever-better client service in a more cost-effective, innovative, and efficient way.

"We know that, in the legal industry, reputation is earned," firm Strategic Planning Partner John Kerkorian said. "We're proud that our work speaks for itself, and we're honored to be recognized by BTI for the investment we've made. Our Client Value and Innovation Program is helping us reach a new tier of cost-efficiency and effectiveness—allowing us, as always, to put the client first."

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