Worker Classification and Healthcare Technology Companies

Part of Philly Tech Week
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May 2021
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CDT
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The Federal Department of Labor (DOL) rules on classifying workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act are in flux and many states are evaluating whether to adopt new more exacting standards. Complicating matters more, different – and sometimes contradictory tests – for employee and contractor status can apply depending on where someone works, or even what legal requirement is at issue. Worker classification continues to be a major concern for companies across all industries, but especially for those in the healthcare industry.

Because of the pandemic, the healthcare industry has seen an explosion of technology solutions focused on facilitating the delivery of services to patients. Solutions such as these capitalize, in part, on an available workforce that is seeking new opportunities to replace or supplement existing work status.

Join us, during Philly Tech Week, as we:
  • Review both traditional and novel healthcare technology models, and the workforce utilized to support them;
  • Evaluate common worker classification pitfalls in connection with such models; and
  • Best practices for healthcare technology companies in implementing compliant workforce infrastructures.

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