Artificial Intelligence – A Primer for Lawyers

Event Details
June 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET
Webinar Recording

Artificial Intelligence tools are ubiquitous, impacting almost every major industry. At the same time, AI is shrouded in mystery. How an AI tool actually works, the inputs relied upon, the inferences that feed algorithmic predictions are not publicized – or in some cases not even knowable – and yet the potential impacts of AI are very real. Critical conclusions about insurance eligibility, credit worthiness, suspicious and perhaps criminal behavior, health, vehicular performance, and consumer interests, among others, often occur in milliseconds in an opaque world of algorithmic decisioning. Many lawyers and businesses have a difficult time understanding what laws even apply to AI, let alone how the tools functionally operate.

In this webinar, Ballard privacy and data security attorneys Phil Yannella, Kim Phan and Greg Szewczyk will try to demystify AI. The webinar will focus on how AI tools are being used in the automotive, fintech and life sciences industries, and the real-world impacts of such tools. The webinar will also discuss the laws and regulations that govern AI, exploring the key issues that concern U.S. and European legislators. 

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