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Anti-Money Laundering 2024: Risks, Due Diligence, and Compliance in an Evolving Legal World

Event Details
May 2024
8:00 AM - 12:15 PM CDT
PLI New York, 1177 Avenue of the Americas
New York , NY
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Peter Hardy, co-leader and founder of the firm's Anti-Money Laundering team, will co-chair the Practising Law Institute's 2024 Anti-Money Laundering conference. Attendees can register to watch online or attend the event in person at PLI's headquarters in New York. Course materials will be made available prior to the start of the program. Add your jurisdiction information to view credit details on PLI's website.

The event description:

Money laundering is a global issue. Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) / Counter-Financing of Terrorism (“CFT”) regulation and enforcement continues to evolve and has grown dramatically in breadth and sophistication—just as illicit actors continue to find new and creative methods to launder their illegal proceeds. These issues present unique legal challenges and impact financial institutions, executives, and professionals. 

Regulators and prosecutors continue to focus on the misuse of shell companies, offshore entities, trusts, and other entities to conceal the source or control of funds used to purchase assets and make investments. Financial institutions seek compliance but stress the need to reduce regulatory burdens and provide flexibility for new technologies and industries to grow.

2024 will be another significant year in AML/CFT regulation, compliance, and enforcement due to evolving technology. These changes will implicate countless issues, including the effectiveness of AML compliance programs and BSA reporting requirements. Further, the evolving role of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency remains a key enforcement and regulatory issue. Meanwhile, significant prosecutions and forfeiture actions will continue.

What You Will Learn

  • Why you, your clients and other professionals need to worry about money laundering and AML/CFT compliance.
  • Money laundering enforcement today: what is the focus of the DOJ and FinCEN?
  • Cryptocurrency and digital assets: how does the current regulatory scheme apply, how might that scheme change, and what are the risks to financial institutions that do not even deal directly in digital assets?
  • The gaming industry: unique services posing unique AML risks, and the particular challenges posed by online wagering.

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