Ballard Spahr's Public Finance attorneys have a track record of helping independent, parochial, and charter schools find creative and realistic ways to finance the capital projects so critical to their success. We understand the urgency and complexity of maintaining and updating facilities, reconfiguring and expanding campuses, responding to changes in technology, and meeting parental expectations, while educating tomorrow's leaders. Competitive enrollment markets and a struggling economy demand that schools continue to invest in physical assets without relying on limited unrestricted endowment funds or overwhelming donors.

Ballard Spahr has served as bond counsel, borrower's counsel, or underwriter's counsel for more than 100 financings benefiting independent, parochial, and charter schools across the nation. These transactions have helped finance classrooms, laboratories, libraries, athletic facilities, and dorms, as well as basic campus infrastructure such as exterior building envelopes, elevators, and technology upgrades.

Our attorneys have helped many independent schools advance their missions and distinguish their programs through capital renewal and improvements that make sense both today and in the future.

As bond counsel to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. and bond counsel or borrower's counsel to many Quaker-affiliated schools and other sectarian independent schools, our attorneys are well trained in the necessary analysis of federal and state Establishment Clauses and their implications for the scope of projects that can be financed with tax-exempt bonds.

We also have served as bond counsel on numerous financings for seasoned charter schools. Ballard Spahr has helped numerous charter schools in Utah, Arizona, California, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey to secure tax-exempt bond funding. We are familiar with the legal issues associated with state funding sources, charter review, approval and renewal, and contractual and financial relationships with the local school districts.

Our Public Finance practice has several partners whose practice is focused almost entirely on tax law applicable to tax-exempt financing, including tax rules pertaining to 501(c)(3) entities that finance their facilities with tax-exempt obligations. We provide our issuer and borrower clients with critical legal advice about continuing compliance with tax covenants and reporting obligations, including the consideration and adoption of policies and procedures to enhance compliance as well as the post-issuance analysis of reporting requirements on Schedule K of IRS Form 990.


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