Governmental Bonds

Our public finance lawyers have served as bond counsel or underwriter's counsel in connection with every form of traditional municipal debt, including:

  • Certificates of participation in lease-purchase and installment purchase obligations
  • General obligation bonds
  • Municipal bonds, including revenue bonds secured by a range of revenue, including water and sewer bonds, housing bonds, public university bonds, tax and revenue anticipation notes, and refundings
  • Sales tax revenue bonds
  • Special assessment and tax increment bonds
  • Tax credit bonds
  • Tribal bonds

As bond counsel, we have rendered opinions in connection with bonds issued by states, counties, cities, municipalities, school districts, and public authorities throughout the United States. These transactions have financed such diverse projects as highways and bridges, water and sewer facilities, mass transit systems, universities, convention centers and professional sports stadiums and arenas, charter schools, fire and police protection, courthouses, municipal office buildings, correctional facilities, and publicly owned hospitals.

In addition to serving as bond counsel and underwriter's counsel, we represent financial institutions in connection with issuances of letters of credit and other forms of credit support for municipal bond transactions.





$322,895,000 State of New Jersey $119,615,000 General Obligation Refunding Bonds (Series M) (Forward Delivery Bonds) and $203,280,000 General Obligation Refunding Bonds (Series N) (Forward Delivery Bonds)
$281,610,000 New York City Housing Development Corporation Capital Fund Program Revenue Bonds (New York City Housing Authority Program) Series 2005A
$315,600,000 City Richmond, Virginia Public Utility Revenue Bonds Series 2007A and Public Utility Revenue Refunding Bonds Series 2007B
$1,461,030,000 New Jersey Economic Development Authority Cigarette Tax Revenue Bonds
$428,520,000 University of Pittsburgh - Of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education $143,520,000 University Refunding Bonds, Series A of 2009 and $285,000,000 University Capital Project Bonds, Series B of 2009
$169,395,000 Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation Grant Anticipation Bonds (Rhode Island Department of Transportation), Series 2009A
$354,925,000 Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority Special Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds (City of Philadelphia Funding Program) Series of 2009
$1,171,055,000 New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority Transportation System Bonds
$1,814,620,000 Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation Grant Anticipation Bonds ( Rhode Island Department of Transportation ), Series 2006A


Utah Experience

Our governmental bond experience in Utah ranges from financings for the largest issuers to projects for the smallest locales in small rural areas. Examples of large bonding projects include the mass transit financings for the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and general obligation bonds for the State of Utah's continuing I-15 Highway Renovation and higher education facilities throughout the state. Smaller projects include everything from various water and sewer projects to parts and recreation facilities all over Utah.

Arizona Experience

In Arizona, our governmental bond experience is diverse. A few of our current matters include financings for Lake Havasu City for its new $463 million sewer system; Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University's system revenue bonds, as well as each of the university's conduit borrowings; and the City of Tucson, Arizona, in connection with its general obligation, water revenue, street and highway user revenue, tax credit, and certificates of participation financings. We also represent various districts and towns in Arizona in connection with excise tax revenue and assessment financings.