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Supporting the Independent Creator 'Revolution'

September 16, 2022

Independent doesn’t mean alone.

That’s the key concept behind REC Philly, a Philadelphia-based “place for creators” that’s part creative incubator, part creative agency, and all about empowering independent creators—from musicians, writers, and painters to curators, producers, and podcasters—to build sustainable and scalable businesses around their talents.

“We believe that creatives should create and own their future and we’re doing our part to facilitate this revolution,” is another core REC Philly credo.

Just as the resource hub for creatives ensures they don’t have to go it alone, Ballard Spahr has had REC Philly’s back since the company’s earliest days. The firm has provided strategic counsel on corporate, real estate, financing, intellectual property, employment, and benefits issues. For Greg Seltzer, leader of Ballard Spahr’s Emerging Company and Venture Capital practice, it’s more than a business proposition: Greg shares REC’s vision for creative entrepreneurship and its passion for two things in particular: Philadelphia and music.

“REC is a very special client for me, personally, as its mission is to assist creators and entrepreneurs in the music and arts industry,” says Greg, founder, curator, and producer of Philly Music Fest, a multi-day, multi-venue event Greg and his wife, Jenn, created to highlight and benefit local musicians. “I’ve made it a career mission to help creators and entrepreneurs.”

Now REC is building on its success in Philadelphia to launch REC Miami in Florida behind financing that includes a $2 million investment from Combs Enterprises. That portfolio of businesses and investments has been built and cultivated by Sean “Diddy” Combs, the rapper, singer, record producer, record executive, actor, and entrepreneur who has parlayed his music stardom into an array of successful business ventures.

REC stands for Resources for Every Creator. The company provides physical space, equipment, digital applications, education, and community designed for and dedicated to artistic creators. REC Philly is based in a 10,000-square-foot creative facility in Center City, with 14 private studios for recording, photography, dance, podcasting, painting, and more—along with a retail store, co-working space, and an event venue.

Ballard Spahr attorneys have been instrumental in helping REC Philly navigate issues that arise for startups and emerging companies. Among other matters, Greg and his colleagues handled the company’s Series Seed financing transactions, including the transaction with Diddy and the expansion into Miami.

“I believe strongly in REC’s mission,” Greg says. “And Ballard as a firm is passionate about giving back to the arts and education community.”

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