Resuming Workplace Operations: The Long March Back from Pandemic Isolation

Event Details
May 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET
Webinar Recording

Join us for a two-part program addressing issues facing employers as we begin the march back from pandemic isolation. As states start to scale back on shelter and stay-at-home orders, employers have turned their attention to reopening businesses, resuming operations, and returning employees from remote work, furloughs or layoffs.

Part I of this program will focus on what it means for employers to open and will cover:

  • Leadership and planning, including staffing vendor relationships and insurance coverage issues;
  • Government orders and recommendations, including the ever-shifting landscape of public health mandates, CDC recommendations, and exposure response requirements;
  • Health and safety concerns, chief among them how to provide a safe and healthy working environment while COVID-19 infections continue; and
  • Screening and testing of employees and others entering the workplace. 

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