Future Digital Finance 2020

Event Details
March 9 10:20 AM - March 10 5:00 PM, 2020

Many FIs have launched innovation labs to enhance their ability to collaborate with fintech companies. However, effective collaborations are not always an easy task. For some FIs, partnering with fintechs comes with a culture shock, and both groups needs to be sure that their goals are aligned. Hear from speakers such as Melissa Carmichael, whose responsibility it is to build Bremer’s engagement within both the FinTech and AgTech ecosystems; and Johnson Cook, a serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder and President & Greenlight Financial Technology. These speakers will tackle the important relationship between financial services and fintech.

  • Understanding how to overcome the organizational challenges that are part of fintech/bank partnerships
  • Taking through the implications of fintech’s lack of regulation
  • Looking at how the benefits of fintech partnerships can outweigh the obstacles


Keynote Panel - Enhancing Your Relationships With Fintechs

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