Data Furnisher Obligations When Consumers Claim Identity Theft

Event Details
November 2019
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

In this era of consumer data breaches, it is not surprising that data furnishers have seen an uptick in the number of identity theft claims by consumers. This webinar will discuss the laws and regulations that govern data furnisher obligations with respect to identity theft claims, and will give furnishers practical advice on balancing legal compliance with limited resources to handle the ongoing deluge of identity theft claims. Topics will include:

  • Determining whether a dispute is truly an identity theft claim, thus triggering furnisher identity theft obligations 
  • Furnisher obligations in connection with direct identity theft claims (claims made directly to the furnisher), and indirect identity theft claims (claims made initially to a consumer reporting agency)
  • Factors for determining whether a furnisher’s investigation into an identity theft is reasonable
  • When a furnisher should – and when it should not – ask the consumer for additional information about the identity theft claim 

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