Who Will Fill the Void Left Behind by the CFPB?

Event Details
February 2018
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

Despite only being at the CFPB's helm for little more than a month, Acting Director Mulvaney already has brought about a number of significant changes in its tone and approach. From his moratorium on current rulemaking efforts to reviewing all active investigations and lawsuits, it appears the CFPB is embarking on a new strategic path in 2018 that will result in less aggressive enforcement and rulemaking. But what does this really mean for the consumer financial services industry? Are we truly in a period of deregulation with a moderating national regulator or are there other forces that will carry forward the CFPB's prior, more aggressive approach to consumer protection? Indeed, at least 15 state attorneys general already announced their intention to fill any vacuum created by a less aggressive CFPB. Although the industry may view itself as being in a better position vis a vis the CFPB, navigating compliance state-by-state may prove to be a daunting (and expensive) task.

During this webinar, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Which state attorneys general are most likely to be active and how "active" can they actually be?

  • Which industry segments are the most likely targets for state enforcement activities?

  • What, if anything, will the FTC and federal banking agencies do?

  • Opportunities for industry trade groups to bring their influence to bear in crafting future rulemakings and compliance agendas

  • Considerations and recommendations for managing state-by-state compliance issues

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