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Navigating a Breach & Activating a Proven Incident Response Plan

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January 2018
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT

Edward J. McAndrew

Modern threats and targeted attack methods are increasingly efficient at gaining access to valuable data. With more emphasis than ever on protection, prevention and the perimeter, one thing is more clear than ever—you can't fight today's threats with yesterday's strategies.

In the highly unfortunate event of a data breach, it is incumbent on security teams to activate a rapid response & recovery program. This means a defined, well-practiced response strategy that involves security teams, legal, executive leadership, and communications/PR support.

This webinar will include discussion on:

  • The importance of knowing where your sensitive data is located in the event of a breach
  • What steps are essential to response and returning your environment to a trusted state
  • What your obligation is to both the public & your affected customers
  • How to navigate the legal repercussions of a breach

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Privacy and Data Security

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