Defying Gravity: Estate Planning in a High(er) Interest Rate Environment

The Legal Intelligencer

By Justin H. Brown and Brittany A. Yodis
July 28, 2022

Anyone who has ever taken a ride on a roller coaster knows that what goes up must come down. Gravity is the force that keeps us grounded and assures that nothing strays too far from earth. Interest rates, however, are not subject to the laws of gravity, and as inflation continues, interest rates will continue to defy gravity.

Rising interest rates greatly impact estate planning techniques and strategies. Over the past decade, planners have been operating in a historically low-interest rate environment that has served to supercharge many estate planning strategies. With the era of low-interest rates coming to a close, estate planners will need to revert to some old tricks to make use of planning strategies for high-interest rate environments.

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