Mediation and Arbitration

Our firm has been one of the pioneers of alternative dispute resolution, creatively employing mediation, private and industry arbitrations, and judicially-sponsored settlement masters across every conceivable type of commercial dispute.

For the right matter, alternative dispute resolution can provide clients and their counsel with outside-the-box, customized strategies to control the more problematic aspects of litigation, as well as to reduce costs.

We also help clients implement pre-dispute arbitration programs to avoid class actions and jury trials, and we have a national practice for successfully enforcing those strategies.

Not only do we regularly conduct arbitrations and mediations before almost every nationally-recognized arbitration forum (such as AAA, JAMS, and FINRA), our attorneys serve as mediators, arbitrators, masters, and settlement judges in almost every jurisdiction in which we practice. This experience gives us deep knowledge of the world of alternative dispute resolution and influences the successful strategies implemented for our clients.