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Ballard Spahr Launches AI Legislation and Litigation Tracker

January 11, 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving legal environment around artificial intelligence (AI), businesses and organizations need to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in order to capitalize on AI’s benefits while mitigating risk and remaining in compliance. That’s the impetus behind Ballard Spahr’s new AI Legislation and Litigation Tracker.

The recently launched interactive tracker provides a comprehensive view of AI-related legislative activities and important information about litigation matters with significant potential impact on clients.

“The new AI Legislation and Litigation Tracker helps our lawyers and their clients stay informed on AI regulatory and case law developments in jurisdictions throughout the country,” said Charley F. Brown, leader of Ballard Spahr’s Artificial Intelligence Team. “The tracker helps us collaborate proactively to position clients for maximum success. And we’re proud to extend the usefulness of this cutting-edge tool by making the AI Legislation and Litigation Tracker available through our website.”

As AI technology continues to develop, more AI products and services are entering the market and making an impact on a variety of business processes. Meanwhile, leaders from government and industry are trying to address issues such as privacy, algorithmic bias, algorithmic pricing and antitrust, and intellectual property rights to create a framework for safe and trustworthy use of AI systems.

With full-color graphics, maps, and charts, the AI Legislation and Litigation Tracker provides easy-to-read information on status, jurisdiction, subject matter, and other key information and documentation on AI-related legislation and litigation. It covers legislative activity encompassing bills, executive orders, regulations, and guidance at the federal and state levels, as well as key lawsuits in the AI space. In addition to current data, the tool offers insights into emerging trends, such as spikes in particular legislative and litigation activity.

The AI Legislation and Litigation Tracker was developed by Ballard Spahr’s Client Value and Innovation Team in close partnership with lawyers from the Artificial Intelligence Team. The CVI Team comprises business professionals with legal, finance, data science, and technology development experience who deliver top-tier, data-driven business solutions in conjunction with lawyers and clients. The multidisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Team brings together attorneys with AI experience from practices across the firm to mitigate risk and address the range of AI-related issues—from intellectual property rights and data security to matters involving contracting, policies, ethics, regulatory compliance, and disputes. 

“The AI Legislation and Litigation Tracker is a great example of how Ballard Spahr lawyers and professionals collaborate with clients to create innovative solutions and add value,” said Ballard Spahr Chief Operating Officer Debra S. Lawrence. “Our attorneys and innovation professionals are always listening for what clients need. That’s where our development process starts, as we constantly challenge ourselves to go beyond our clients’ expectations.”

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