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New Federal Ban on Noncompete Agreements: How Does This Impact Your Business?

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May 2024
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM CDT

The FTC has just ruled that noncompete agreements are unlawful. This 30 minute webinar will discuss that ruling, its exceptions and expected challenges, and how your business can protect itself from unfair competition and federal agency enforcement actions. Key highlights to include:

  • FTC's Ruling Unpacked: Delve into the implications of the FTC's decision to prohibit noncompete agreements, except under limited circumstances for senior executives and in business sale scenarios.

  • Impact and Compliance Obligations: Learn how this ruling affects existing and future employment agreements, and what steps employers must take to ensure compliance within the 120-day implementation period.

  • Navigating Exceptions: Explore the nuances of the three exceptions outlined in the final rule, including considerations for pre-existing agreements and bona fide business sales.

  • Legal Challenges and Strategies: Gain insights into anticipated legal challenges from industry groups and employers, and strategies to navigate potential litigation risks.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain clarity on the FTC's new noncompete rule and ensure your organization is equipped to adapt and comply in this evolving regulatory environment. Register now to secure your spot!

Click here to read the alert written by our attorneys on the FTC vote and its implications.

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