AI, Automation and the Workforce of Tomorrow – Today! A Ballard Spahr Webinar

Event Details
September 2018
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

Ballard Spahr is pleased to announce our webinar series, the Future of Human Resources: Cutting Edge Issues for Every Employer, kicking off September 19, 2018, and running through March 2019. Each program in the series will discuss prominent and trending concerns faced by in-house employment counsel and human resources professionals.

Please join us for the first session “AI, Automation and the Workforce of Tomorrow – Today!” The rise of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) promises to change the American workforce in dramatic ways. Indeed, the phenomena are already allowing businesses, entrepreneurs, and rank and file workers opportunities for growth not foreseen even a few short years ago. But, with change comes legal risk. This webinar will give an overview of how new technologies are becoming available to help employers manage workers and promote efficiency. We will also discuss legal issues that may arise when these sorts of disruptions occur. Finally, we will provide guiding principles that all stakeholders should keep in mind as innovation continues.

Yes, the robots are coming. Indeed, in some cases they may have already arrived. This session will prepare you to recognize what the changes will mean and how to meet the challenges of the future, today.

Topics in this series will include:

  • The Impact of Pharmaceuticals in the Workplace: From Cannabis to Cognition Enhancement
  • Contingent and Flexible Workforces
  • The Aging Workforce
  • Workplace Equity
  • Employee-Experience Focused Workplace

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