We understand that the term value means different things to different clients. This is why we strive to understand each client's goals and business objectives and provide efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet their specific needs.

Ballard Spahr's award winning Client Value and Innovation Program, which is led by Melissa Prince, our Chief Client Value and Innovation Officer, includes a team of professionals from several different administrative departments that are focused on delivering practical value-based pricing, matter management, process improvement, knowledge management, technology, and innovation strategies and solutions designed to meet those needs.

Strategic Pricing: Our pricing and project management professionals use state-of-the art tools to gather and analyze information and evaluate the variables that drive cost. Then we partner with clients to develop accurate cost-projections and customized pricing and value based fee arrangements that align with their objectives and focus on results.

We assemble diverse teams that are lean and effective, characterized by the right blend of skills, clearly articulated responsibilities, and budgets and work plans that align with client priorities and utilize their in-house capabilities to maximum advantage.

Some of our clients prefer that we charge hourly rates and we offer competitive rates that reflect our focus on efficiency and cost effectiveness. We also offer alternative fee arrangements and value-based pricing arrangement (AFAs) to help to provide increased cost reduction and cost certainty as opposed to the traditional hourly pricing model. We have successfully implemented a variety of AFAs with many of our clients, and we tailor these AFAs to meet each client's individual needs. Set forth below are examples of AFAs we have utilized with similarly situated clients:

  • Fixed fees for matters, or portfolios of matters
  • Tiered fixed fees based upon mutually agreed up complexity, such as routine, moderate and complex matters
  • Fee collars with risk share provisions
  • Capped (not-to-exceed) fees
  • Risk/reward structured arrangements such as, broken deal fees, success fees, hold backs, contingency fees, and other performance based arrangements
  • Other hybrid arrangements that are a combination of the AFAs and risk/reward sharing arrangements identified above

To best develop price points for AFAs, we meet with our clients to define the scope of work, review comparable similar matters, and come up price points that are negotiated by the parties and revisited periodically to ensure the arrangements are satisfying expectations. This provides us with the opportunity to address any adjustments that may be warranted proactively and in real time.

Matter Management and Efficiency: Clients expect that we will match their commitment to value and efficiency in the way we staff and manage their matters. That's why we develop a budget for every engagement we undertake even if our clients are not asking for a budget. Roles, tasks, and budget projections are clearly articulated in work plans to promote transparency and accountability.

We monitor progress against work plans throughout the lifecycle of the engagement. Deviations can be addressed in the early stages, saving time, holding the line on cost, and avoiding unnecessary surprises. The Ballard360 tools give clients real-time access to progress reports, so they're never in the dark about where things stand.

Ballard360: Ballard360 is a custom suite of proprietary technology we developed that promotes client collaboration, provides greater transparency, increases cost predictability, and gives clients the information they need to keep things moving.

Ballard360 helps clients:

  • Track the status of projects, down to the task

  • Review and exchange matter documents and records

  • Get easy-to-read budget to actual reports

  • Assess business intelligence

  • Communicate effectively with your team

  • Quickly generate automated documents with increased efficiency