When clients engage Ballard Spahr attorneys, they also receive top-tier, data-driven business solutions that independently deliver value and guide the way we approach our legal representation. 

Described as a "client experience innovator" and a "law firm technology leader," our Client Value and Innovation team is widely considered one of the nation's best.

Our team includes business professionals with legal, finance, data science, and technology development experience. The team works with our clients to deliver transparency and efficiency in the way we price and manage our engagements and to provide information and analysis tailored to our clients' individual business needs.

Since 2018, the program has saved clients millions in fees and has been recognized by The National Law Journal, Financial Times, The American Lawyer, and BTI Consulting.

How can we help you?



 This custom suite of technology applications—developed in-house—promotes collaboration, provides greater transparency and efficiency, increases cost predictability, and gives clients the information they need to keep things moving.

Ballard360 gives clients 24/7 access to project status, budget, and billing information; allows for easy review and exchange of documents; and provides access to mission-critical business intelligence. Detailed client information is available through easy to access cloud-based portals and dashboards. High-quality documents can be auto-generated quickly and easily.

Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence:

We leverage our collective internal knowledge, data collection tools, and team of business professionals to help clients and our legal teams identify and solve real-world problems. Custom dashboards provide real-time access.

  • A longtime client—a food service company with billions in annual revenues and contracts across the country—was looking to mitigate pandemic-related losses. Working with lawyers and the client, the team developed an organization-wide tracking and cost analysis solution that identified more than $750,000 in rent relief on more than 100 leases across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  • Our Rent Relief Dashboard’s originality lies in how it harnesses existing client data and market information so that a few keystrokes enable filtering and display of key information. It provides an innovative method to manage the labor-intensive rent relief process and boosts the efficiency of legal teams working with landlords. Interactive, satellite-view maps provide quick, seamless access to information. Users can access a summary or full report on a property or portfolio, as well as all relevant documents. The fee structure was innovative, too—a risk/reward-sharing arrangement where firm fees are based in part on the amount of rent relief realized.
  • Our Private Equity/M&A Competitive Intelligence Dashboard uses technology to harness internal and external data and identify new business opportunities for clients. By analyzing information about available capital, optimum deal size, location, industry, and other factors, we have been able to connect buyers to potential acquisition targets. 


We develop a budget for every engagement we undertake. Roles, tasks, and budget projections are clearly articulated and tracked so we promote transparency and accountability.

The team monitors progress against the budget throughout the engagement, deviations are addressed quickly and proactively, saving time, holding down cost, and avoiding unnecessary surprises. The proprietary technology provides clients real-time access to progress reports and billing information, so they're never in the dark about where things stand.


Our pricing professionals use state-of-the-art technology to gather information and evaluate the many variables that drive cost. Then we partner with clients to develop accurate cost projections and deliver customized pricing options, and value-based fee arrangements—from hourly rates to a wide variety of AFAs—that align with their objectives and focus on results.

We assemble diverse teams that are lean and effective, characterized by the right blend of skills, clearly articulated responsibilities, and accurate budgets. Work plans are drafted to align with client priorities and leverage their in-house capabilities to maximum advantage to keep costs down.