It's a fundamental tenet of civics that everyone has the right to participate in governing our nation—whether that means voting, contributing to a political campaign, lobbying, or running for public office. But the current enforcement environment has turned that landscape into a potential minefield. 

We help clients comply with all applicable laws and regulations and guide them in navigating the legal, political, and administrative challenges that can arise when participating in the political process.

Our Political and Election Law attorneys understand the complexities of this fast-changing field of practice and offer comprehensive, goal-oriented solutions to clients across the country—from corporations, trade associations, and government agencies and officials to lobbyists, political action committees (PACs), and individuals.

We advise on issues involving campaign finance, redistricting, ballot access, direct democracy initiatives, electoral strategy, and the formation and operation of PACs and nonprofit organizations. Our litigators have decades of experience in election law and political matters.

Before entering private practice, many members of our team played leading roles as campaign strategists in federal and state elections or held prominent government positions on both sides of the aisle. Some—including former Pennsylvania Governor and Democratic National Committee Chair Edward G. Rendell—have held public office.

The team works together with our Government Relations and Public Policy practice to provide proactive advocacy. With deep understanding of our clients' business interests, we anticipate and analyze decision makers' strategies and actions, then develop an approach that harmonizes government objectives and our clients' business aims.


We help clients navigate the growing matrix of laws governing the political process, including those regulating federal and state campaign finance, lobbying disclosure, and government ethics. We offer comprehensive compliance counseling at the federal level, in all 50 states, and in local jurisdictions on issues including:

  • Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations
  • Federal Election Campaign Act and state campaign finance
  • Federal and state "pay-to-play" laws
  • Foreign Agents Registration Act
  • Lobbying Disclosure Act
  • State lobbying registration and reporting, including grassroots and procurement lobbying
  • Gift and travel rules
  • Corporate political disclosure
  • Institutional compliance programs
  • Compliance audits, including state-by-state analyses
  • PAC formation, governance, operations, and reporting
  • Independent expenditures and Super PACS
  • Political advertising and social media campaigns
  • Redistricting
  • Tax and tax-exemption
  • Voting rights and election administration


Our litigation team has handled high-profile redistricting and election law cases. We represent government, corporate, and political clients in civil and criminal campaign finance matters. We work closely with lawyers in our White Collar Defense/Internal Investigations Group, which has defended donors, prominent public officials, Fortune 500 corporations, and their senior officers and directors.

Our experience includes:

  • Government investigations
  • FEC and Department of Justice enforcement
  • Corporate internal investigations
  • State and local enforcement
  • Election-related litigation


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