What We Are Doing Now

Diversity is the result of an inclusive environment. Ballard Spahr is committed to maintaining a vibrant community where the needs, viewpoints, and contributions of people from all backgrounds and experiences are valued, reflected, and integrated into every aspect of our firm.

Ballard Spahr is strengthening its commitment to diversity and inclusion by reassessing our priorities and strategies, expanding our focus on administrative staff, and increasing our attention to equity and opportunity. We look forward to sharing our specific plans as we seek to:

  1. Reassess and realign our diversity and inclusion strategies for impact and effectiveness through a firm-wide survey
  2. Assess our systems, processes, traditions, and opportunities for fairness and equity via an internal audit
  3. Build a recruitment, retention, and integration strategy around support teams for diverse new hires
  4. Build greater internal education, awareness, and fluency related to diversity, equity, and inclusion through a formal education series
  5. Ensure an inclusive culture tied to core values and modeled by leaders and managers
  6. Incorporate a staff-focused diversity and inclusion strategy led by the Manager of Diversity, a new position created in 2020
  7. Partner with clients and public interest organizations to provide financial contributions to causes that promote racial equity and justice
  8. Support vendors/businesses owned by people of color, women, LGBTQIA+, veterans, and persons with disabilities
  9. Combat racial injustice and inequity through pro bono litigation and the representation of media outlets serving communities of color
  10. Designate Juneteenth as an annual firm holiday
  11. Recognize the importance of voting and, in anticipation of delays, provide paid time off on Election Day 2020