Mark Stewart, Ballard Spahr Chair

Reflecting on 30 years with Ballard Spahr, I am impressed at how we have remained true to our guiding principles even as we adapt to a radical reshaping of our profession. While embracing new approaches to the business of law, we consider adherence to our principles – Excellence, Collaboration, Respect, Opportunity – as the measure by which we judge ourselves and expect to be judged by our clients.

Excellence is our hallmark, what we expect in everything we do.

Collaboration flourishes here, not as a byproduct of a complicated task, but as the foundation of effective client representation.

Respect is the essence of our relationships with clients and each other, and reinforces the shared mission of solving client problems creatively and efficiently.

Opportunity for lawyers who choose to practice with us, whether fresh out of law school or mid-career, is not a luxury in good times, but an obligation to ensure our ongoing vitality.

Heraclitus taught that one could not step into the same stream twice. Accepting the admonition that change is constant, we step confidently into the stream, knowing that change is not an excuse to abandon the tenets that have guided our practice for more than a century, but an invitation to harmoniously graft the old with the new.

Mark Stewart
Chair, Ballard Spahr