Clients are under pressure to stay within their internal budgets and to control legal spend. They count on us to develop reliable cost estimates. We work with clients to define the scope of each matter. Pricing professionals identify variables that might affect cost and prepare detailed budgets that provide a clear and reliable picture of the legal spend.

We help assemble the right mix of talent, discuss the intended role of in-house professionals, and make sure everything is in alignment with clients’ goals and priorities. Our work plans articulate roles and responsibilities—and we revisit the plans continually to guard against duplication of effort and keep everyone on task.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Well-crafted AFAs can address client goals for efficiency, predictability, and risk-sharing in ways that traditional, hourly-based arrangements do not. We offer a variety of fee arrangement options for a particular engagement, so clients can choose the one that best suits their needs.

We have successfully implemented AFAs for many of our clients. Our post-matter review process helps us to evaluate the success of each AFA and propose innovative pricing structures for future matters. The below arrangements can be used alone or in combination:

  • Blended hourly rates
  • Fixed fees
  • Flat fees
  • Retainers
  • Capped fees
  • Risk- or Reward-structured arrangements such as fixed fees with a collar, holdbacks, success fees, broken-deal fees, and other performance-based arrangements.