Successful client relationships are nurtured by effective communication. They begin with conversations that help us understand a client’s business, including its needs, challenges, goals, and definition of success. Throughout each engagement—and after it ends—we track performance goals and seek feedback to ensure we are providing exceptional value and service.

Scoping and Planning Conversations

At the beginning of each representation, we engage in detailed planning conversations with our clients that involve lawyers on the team and experienced pricing and project management professionals who focus on budgeting and staffing efficiency. Together—guided by the clients' desired outcomes, cost parameters, and business goals—we develop a roadmap for the matter that includes a plan for how to communicate that information most effectively.

Data-Driven Status Updates

We are committed to providing open communication, responsiveness, and transparency throughout the life of each representation. We employ a proprietary application that allows the legal team working on each matter to track performance against budget at the phase and task level and generate regular, customized budget progress reports for clients. In addition, we create intranet portals and extranets that provide everyone on the team—both our lawyers and clients—with easy and instant access to key documents, status updates, and reporting information.

We also have developed a proprietary technology platform that helps us manage each matter while it is underway and collect and analyze important data. The platform captures and presents information about the matter type and level of complexity; information about opposing counsel, the court, and jurisdiction; and key metrics such as the length of time it generally takes to resolve a matter in a particular jurisdiction and state-specific laws that should be considered. This information helps inform decisions about the strategy we employ to meet client expectations in resolving the matter, and helps us spot patterns and trends that can help the client reduce overall legal costs in the future.

Post-Engagement Reviews

Once a matter is completed, our legal project management team performs internal post-matter reviews to ensure we have met quality and efficiency standards and provided cost-effectiveness, cost-predictability, and value. We reexamine the initial goals we set with the client and review both the process and outcome with an eye toward identifying what worked well and what did not. These post-engagement reviews help us improve the way we do business and better manage our performance in the future.

Our Client Interview Program

The opinion that matters most is that of the client. Our goal is to help clients achieve success as they define it. Instead of making assumptions about their definitions of success, the quality of our representation and service, and the experience of interacting with our lawyers, we ask clients directly through our Client Interview Program.

For almost a decade, the program has provided invaluable feedback from hundreds of clients. The firm's full-time Client Service and Professional Development Counsel travels throughout the country to meet with clients one-on-one—not only for feedback on legal work and services, but also for thoughts on future needs and industry trends.

While the legal project management team reviews our performance internally, the Client Service and Professional Development Counsel seeks feedback directly from clients after significant matters conclude. We value our clients' views on what went well, what could have been improved, and how we can increase the value we provide to them. The information we gather helps us to be more effective in anticipating issues, aligning resources, and providing solutions in the future.