We are committed to understanding our clients' business operations and developing innovative solutions to meet their specific needs. We have developed Ballard360—a custom suite of proprietary technology that provides greater transparency, increases cost predictability, and gives clients the information they need to keep things moving.

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ValueMatters is a pricing and matter management application that provides real-time budget-to-actual information in a dashboard format and generates client-facing reports and budget alerts. It also helps us to collect and analyze data from previously completed comparable matters to prepare more accurate budgets and provide a wider range of fee arrangement options to clients.

ClientView and ClientConnect are shared extranet portals. ClientView is an out-of-the-box solution that can be set up quickly and administered by the legal team working on the matter. ClientConnect can be customized to meet the needs of particular clients or matters. Both tools create a way to easily upload and share documents for review and collaboration and can provide a resource library of documents and information related to the case. ClientConnect is a more robust solution that can be customized to enhance communications about matter status, provide ongoing information about the client’s investment relative to budget, track the status of invoices, and even enable clients to enter information into templates that automate the first draft of key documents.

DocBuilder reduces the effort and risk associated with using form documents. It automates the drafting of documents by enabling us to enter key variables and other information into questionnaires that feed into templates. This can improve quality and consistency, and increase speed and efficiency to keep costs down. It frees our lawyers to focus on review and other higher-value activities for the client.

CaseTracker is a one-stop case-management application that makes it far easier to track matter information and documents, review and manage workload, and draft pleadings, contracts, and other documents. We also use it to collect detailed case information, such as case type, resolution time, location and judgment amount; court type and judge; and competitive intelligence on opposing counsel. This information can be used to support the development of engagement strategy for future matters. It also enables us to spot patterns and trends that may be valuable to our clients in minimizing overall legal costs.