• We represented the former mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in defense of multiple counts of theft and bribery. The client was initially charged with 499 counts of violating various Pennsylvania criminal statutes. Upon motion filed by defense, court dismissed over 300 of the counts. The client ultimately pled to lesser counts and was given probation.
  • We represented a former Philadelphia Traffic Court Administrative Judge, who was indicted alongside eight other judges by a federal grand jury in a nationally publicized case involving the alleged fixing of traffic tickets at the Philadelphia Traffic Court. After a two-month trial in federal court in Philadelphia, the client was acquitted of all charges.
  • We represented a publicly-traded energy company in a DOJ investigation relating to the company’s participation in the political process. After a lengthy investigation, the government declined to pursue charges against the company or its executives.
  • We represented a Purchase Pro executive in a joint DOJ and SEC investigation and prosecution of several high level executives of AOL and Purchase Pro regarding violations of the securities laws, improper accounting practices, and obstruction of justice.
  • Represented a senior engineer at Volkswagen in investigations conducted by the DOJ, EPA and several state regulatory agencies regarding the certification and sale of diesel engines in the US, which resulted in no charges being lodged against the client. Also represented the client during the internal investigation conducted by counsel for Volkswagen and in related civil litigation.
  • We served as counsel to a leading drug wholesale company in connection with multistate attorney general investigation into opioid sales and marketing practices.
  • We are representing the City Controller of Philadelphia to review the City’s response to the protests and civil unrest in Philadelphia following the murder of George Floyd.
  • We conducted an internal investigation for Lower Merion School District (LMSD) relating to federal and state invasion of privacy and civil rights claims arising from school district's use of remote monitoring technology in computers issued to students. Represented LMSD in all related civil litigation and regulatory inquiries. No criminal charges were filed.
  • We represented several charter schools in state and federal criminal investigations, civil litigation, and administrative litigation. Conducted internal investigations relating to financial irregularities, executive misconduct, and misuse of public funds.
  • We defended a contracting firm and its owner in a multi-million dollar bribery and money laundering investigation and prosecution by the DOJ that resulted in our client securing immunity and a non-prosecution agreement in exchange for his cooperation and testimony.


  • We represented a health system in an SEC investigation relating to the sufficiency of disclosures to bond holders. After receiving the health system's response to the SEC's Wells Notice, the SEC terminated the investigation.
  • We represented of the audit committee of a publicly traded industrial pollution control and air-purification company in an SEC investigation relating to revenue recognition manipulation and misappropriation. The SEC did not take any action against the company.
  • We represented an individual who was under criminal and SEC investigation for alleged fraud in the issuance of an Initial Coin Offering. The matter is at its preliminary stages. We also represented the client in matters related to the fact that the cryptocurrency is currently frozen in a digital account the client has, presumably due to bad press the client received.
  • We represented a large financial institution in response to Department of Justice, SEC, and state investigations relating to possible municipal securities fraud and RESPA violations.
  • We conducted an internal investigation on behalf of the special litigation committee of a public company charged with investigating allegations arising from an electronic data security breach involving thousands of credit card numbers, and prepared a report that led to the dismissal of shareholder derivative litigation brought against the company's directors and officers.
  • We represented a major food processing company for which he conducted an internal investigation into allegations of improper treatment and handling of its product. He also represented the company in a federal investigation involving a massive recall of allegedly tainted and contaminated product.
  • We conducted an internal investigation for the Board of Directors of a major medical device manufacturer in response to a shareholder demand letter alleging that directors and officers breached their fiduciary duties of loyalty and good faith by failing to meet their oversight responsibilities in connection with the company’s manufacture and sale of a certain medical device.
  • We represented several executives of a pharmaceutical prescription services company in investigations conducted by multiple US Attorney’s Offices, as well as the SEC and several Congressional committees, involving allegations of price gouging, insurance fraud, mail/wire fraud, false statements, and other regulatory violations regarding the company’s relationship with a major pharmaceutical company, which resulted in no charges being filed against the clients.


  • We assisted a U.S. company with significant international operations with the design of a FCPA compliance program, the preparation of FCPA and related policies for its U.S. and foreign entities and the review of international agreements for compliance with the FCPA.
  • We conducted an internal investigation on behalf of a large multinational health care company into allegations by a whistleblower relating to alleged improper payments made to government officials.
  • We represented a large petroleum and petrochemical manufacturer in an FCPA investigation involving various U.S. Attorney's Offices, the SEC, and the Office of Fair Trading in London.
  • We represented a manufacturing company regarding compliance with U.S. economic sanctions laws and export controls affecting both its U.S. and non-U.S. operations. We have worked with the company in preparing OFAC license applications, and establishing and upgrading structures, procedures, and compliance programs adapted to avoid violations of export laws and norms in the field of trade. When the company acquired foreign subsidiaries, we counseled it on the restrictions that may apply based both on the merchandise the foreign subsidiaries sell and on the parties with whom they trade.
  • We represented a company in an enforcement action brought by OFAC alleging violations of U.S. sanctions against Cuba. Although initially hailed by OFAC as a major case, the action resulted in the company paying only a minor penalty.
  • We advise several major companies on an ongoing basis regarding compliance with the deemed export rule and the certification required in Part 6 of the new Form I-129, the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.
  • We conducted a FCPA investigation in Eastern Europe for a US-based chemical manufacturing company.


  • We represented an international ship builder with operations in Philadelphia in a lawsuit brought under the federal False Claims Act. After extensive discovery, the plaintiff/relator agreed to voluntarily dismiss her False Claims Act claims.
  • We represented an Ivy League medical school in False Claims Act litigation relating to National Institutes of Health grants. After obtaining partial summary judgment against the relator, the relator dismissed his remaining claim.
  • We provide training and ongoing advice to several major universities regarding compliance with the deemed export rule and the certification required in Part 6 of the new Form I-129, the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.