Our attorneys represent underwriters, public issuers, and purchasers in a full range of tax-exempt public debt offerings for these major projects:

  • Electric cooperatives
  • Gencos
  • Oil refineries
  • Power plants that use a variety of waste fuels, including municipal waste, waste coal, and wood waste
  • Pulp de-inking facilities
  • Qualified portions of conventional plants and nuclear power plans
  • Renewable energy facilities
  • Solid waste disposal facilities
  • Utilities
  • Water and wastewater facilities

We have successfully structured financings that combine publicly or privately issued taxable debt, bank debt, or leveraged leases with tax-exempt debt. We provide a full range of counseling on the tax issues arising from tax-exempt debt, including arbitrage rebate calculations and advice on tax audits of debt issues. Additionally, we help projects take advantage of a wide variety of tax incentives, including tax-exempt bonds, Clean Renewable Energy Bonds, Gulf Opportunity Zone Bonds, solar and clean coal investment tax credits, New Markets Tax Credits, and renewable energy production tax credits.

We also have related experience that helps to facilitate the execution of complex project development, including initial and secondary public offerings, Rule 144A offerings, shelf offerings, high-yield debt offerings, and private placements. We are also experienced in specialized finance structures, including synthetic leases, securitization of stranded assets, and royalty trusts.


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