Our experience includes these matters:

  • We represented a leading software developer, known for its document management and workflow software, as trial counsel in the prosecution of a complex, multimillion-dollar arbitration against its competitor for breach of a licensing agreement and trade secret misappropriation. We obtained a favorable settlement two days before trial.

  • We represented an inventor in a patent infringement action against three defendants—a professional sports association, a telecommunications company, and an electronics company. The patent related to hand-held electronic devices used at sporting events. We obtained a favorable settlement.

  • We represented a university in a patent infringement litigation against a major biogenetics company involving three patents relating to anti-microbial agents. We obtained summary judgment of patent validity and infringement, as well as a permanent injunction.

  • We served as trial counsel for a toy supplier in a patent infringement case involving children's strollers. The suit was brought by a major consumer products company. We obtained a favorable settlement.

  • We defended a ballet company in a copyright infringement action arising from the production and performance of a dance work. We achieved a favorable settlement that included having our client recognized as joint author of the disputed work and co-owner of the copyrights to the work.

  • We represent a major production company in a case alleging copyright infringement of the plaintiff’s software. The plaintiff contends that our client engaged in contributory and vicarious copyright infringement by delivering video presentations through a hyperlink displayed on our client's website.

  • We serve as trial counsel for a motor vehicle supplies company, defending it against copyright infringement and patent infringement claims involving back-up video cameras for automobiles.

  • We represented two major research universities in litigation asserting inventorship claims against a major pharmaceutical company. This case was settled in favor of our clients.

  • We represented a large Midwestern university in patent litigation against a major biotechnology company. The patent related to viral promoters and enhancers. The case was settled in terms favorable to the university. We currently represent the same university in another patent infringement action asserting the same patent against another pharmaceutical company. The case is pending.