Our clients span the creative, intellectual, and scientific fields. We help them protect and maximize the value of their copyright assets—from musical compositions and literary works to complex software programs and databases.

We obtain registrations and guide clients through licensing, acquisitions, and sales of their work. Our attorneys negotiate agreements for the commercialization of copyrighted works and derivative works, and devise and implement copyright policies, including those governing website use and privacy.

We also counsel clients on how to use the works of others and to use their statutory right of termination with older copyrights so they can recapture their interests and negotiate more favorable licenses.

We provide analysis and counsel on:

  • Protectability
  • Infringement
  • Fair use
  • Use of third-party materials
  • Copyright clearance

On behalf of copyright owners, we obtain copyright registrations for:

  • Literary and creative works
  • Audiovisual works
  • Software
  • Databases and compilations
  • Musical compositions and sound recordings
  • Secure examinations
  • Multimedia works, including websites


Hara K. Jacobs
Practice Leader
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