The Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) will significantly expand bilateral trade and open the door to new opportunities for business partnership. For clients seeking to leverage these opportunities, we offer counseling and advocacy in key practice areas, experience in economic development activities, and familiarity with Korean business culture.

The attorneys in our Korea practice have strong industry and government relationships in both the United States and Korea. They understand the intricacies of doing business in both countries as well as the salient issues associated with bilateral trade and investment.

Our Korea practice team is based in our office in Atlanta, the main transportation and logistics center for Southeastern commerce and located near more than 120 Korea-based companies representing industries such as manufacturing, biotechnology, shipping, and chemicals.

In addition to our skill in general corporate and commercial litigation matters, we have extensive experience in the following areas:

Business and Economic Development

Making the most of opportunities that stem from government policy, legislation, and regulation requires a comprehensive, forward-looking strategy. Many of our attorneys have worked in government and understand how to structure transactions that meet the requirements of public programs promoting business expansion and economic development.

We can quickly estimate the value of incentives in various locations, compare the offers based on the cost of doing business in that jurisdiction, and assist with negotiations to secure and finalize those incentives. We assist Korea-based companies in all aspects of setting up new business operations, including the formation of local corporations or limited liability companies. We also advise our clients on  the acquisition of real property, the construction or retrofit of buildings and facilities, and the establishment of employment policies and procedures.

The attorneys in our Korea practice are bilingual and can help connect clients with attorneys in the firm whose practices focus on important areas such as banking, real estate, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, and labor.

Intellectual Property

Our clients create and own some of the most valuable and recognizable intellectual property in the world, and our IP team works nationally and internationally to identify, secure, and protect it.

We advise on patent, trademark, unfair competition, copyright, trade secret, Internet, and licensing matters. We offer strategic due diligence during mergers and acquisitions or portfolio restructuring, and help entrepreneurs commercialize IP assets, especially in the life sciences/biotechnology sectors. We litigate IP matters throughout the United States in federal and state courts and before the International Trade Commission, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and administrative tribunals worldwide. Since 2005, we have filed more than 6,000 patents in more than 80 nations, and most of our patent attorneys hold advanced scientific and technical degrees.


The attorneys in our firm have experience with commercial lending transactions and  private activity bonds, for projects involving manufacturing, industrial, multifamily housing, nonprofit institutions, and private-public partnerships, as well as traditional municipal general obligation and revenue bonds.

We also help companies get the financing they need to establish and thrive. We assist with entity formation, angel/seed funding, institutional funding, and initial public offerings and other liquidity events. Our attorneys work with our clients’ investors and financial advisers to help secure financing through private and public offerings of equity and debt securities.

Product Liability

Our clients manufacture a wide range of products, such as automobiles, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products. Unfortunately, doing business in the United States sometimes involves being sued for alleged product defects. When that happens, we are here to help.

Our attorneys know how to win cases by creatively attacking the pleadings to limit the issues, by opposing class certification on the pleadings, and by aggressively challenging experts and evidence. However, there is more to great lawyering than securing defense verdicts. Our industry knowledge and trial experience enables us to help clients avoid litigation in the first place. In addition, we manage litigation to promote efficiency, allowing our clients to focus on their businesses.