With our Energy and Project Finance Group, we assist companies and other organizations in a wide range of activities that allow them to take advantage of new opportunities and to minimize future risks. With our Real Estate Group, we help developers, purchasers, and tenants with "green" design and "green" building development and occupancy.  In the litigation area, we have been involved in national litigation on climate change, including the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Massachusetts v. EPA. And we advise stakeholders developing climate policies for local governments, state governments, and regional entities.

Our climate change clients have engaged us to assist with:

  • Litigation arising under climate change law or instigating lawsuits under other law
  • Strategies for capturing opportunity
  • Strategies for reducing emissions cost-effectively
  • Permits, approvals, development issues, and financing for fossil fuel-fired, alternative, and nuclear powered energy facilities
  • Processes for developing state, regional, and local climate policies
  • Legislative initiatives related to greenhouse gas emissions and alternative energy
  • Registering and trading carbon reduction credits and renewable energy credits in regulated and unregulated markets
  • Disclosure of climate change risks under securities laws