Kaori Watanabe

Patent Agent

Kaori Watanabe advises attorneys and clients on patent matters and applications. She conducts comprehensive research and analyses for freedom to operate, IP due diligence, and patentability assessments.

Kaori has a background in neuroscience and has experience preparing patent applications and responses on topics within the pharmaceutical and biological product, including vaccines, therapeutic antibodies, diagnostic assays, and pharmaceutical compositions.

Professional Highlights

Recognition & Accomplishments

Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, American Heart Association, 2002-2003


Co-author, “Structure and function of an actin-based filter in the proximal axon,” Cell Rep. 21:2696-2705, 2017

Co-author, “Networks of polarized actin filaments in the axon initial segment provide a mechanism for sorting axonal and dendritic proteins,” Cell Rep. 2:1546-53, 2012

Co-author, “Adaptations in titin's spring elements in normal and cardiomyopathic hearts,” Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 538:517-30, 2003



Washington State University (Ph.D. in neuroscience)

Kindai University (B.E. in industrial engineering)




U.S. Patent and Trademark Office