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As Practice Leader of Ballard Spahr's Privacy and Data Security Group, and Practice Leader of the firm's E-Discovery and Data Management Group, Philip N. Yannella provides clients with 360-degree advice on the transfer, storage, and use of digital information.

Phil regularly advises clients on the Stored Communications Act (SCA), Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), EU-US Privacy Shield, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Defense of Trade Secrets Act, PCI-DSS, Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulations, ISO 27001 compliance, HIPAA Security Rules, and FTC enforcement activity, as well as eDiscovery issues—leveraging his experience serving as National Discovery Counsel for more than two dozen companies in nationwide litigation. He harnesses his deep knowledge of privacy, data security, and information governance laws to help multinational companies develop global information governance programs to comply with overlapping, and sometimes conflicting, laws. Phil serves on the advisory board for the ACC Foundation's Cybersecurity Survey, the largest survey of in-house counsel on cybersecurity issues.

Phil has extensive experience in complex litigation and investigations involving digital evidence, particularly data breaches, class actions, and theft of trade secrets. He guides clients through data breaches, including identifying exposure, facilitating public notice under state and federal laws, coordinating forensic examinations, negotiating report resolution, and managing resolution. He frequently works with experts to investigate the usage, availability, and reliability of structured datasets in the context of class certification, damages models, proportionality, and spoliation motions.

Phil is a frequent commentator, presenter and author on legal issues related to data privacy, cybersecurity, eDiscovery and information governance. He received a 2017 Readers' Choice award from JD Supra for his writing on cybersecurity issues. He is the author of Pennsylvania eDiscovery (ALM Media).

Representative matters include:

Complex Litigation and Investigations

  • Successful representation of an auto finance company in a bet-the-company TCPA action with damage allegations of over $100 million. Defeated class certification and won summary judgment.
  • Successful representation of a pharmaceutical client in a civil action seeking publication of anonymized clinical data valued at $1 billion. Using a re-identification analysis, successfully persuaded the court that publication would reveal private health information of 95 percent of clinical trial patients.
  • Defense of a major bank in overdraft class action. Retained an expert to model damages from archival and legacy data.
  • Successful defense of a major bank in a TCPA class action. Retained an expert to assess ascertainability of class members based on structured dialer data.
  • Counseled a nonprofit hacked by Chinese nationals and coordinated a response with the FBI. Guided the client through an initial investigation of criminal attack on staging server, including engagement of a forensic team, collaboration with governmental entities to pursue the attackers, and review of forensic analysis.
  • Counseled an auto finance company in connection with a data breach of customer personal information, involving multi-state reporting.
  • Counseled a biotech in connection with theft of trade secrets by a former contractor.
  • Counseled a university in connection with a data breach stemming from inadvertent posting of student social security data in an internet kiosk.
  • Counseled a major telecom company on potential legal exposure arising out of review of hacked Sony emails posted to WikiLeaks.
  • Conducted an internal investigation for a major retailer arising out of suspected violations of access and identity management policies, resulting in developer access to production environments.
  • Represented a gaming company in connection with an investigation into suspected exfiltration of customer social security information held on unencrypted webserver.
  • Counseled a pharmaceutical client in response to a series of spear phishing attacks. Guided the client through an initial investigation, assisted in delisting of its domain, advised on WHOIS search, and prepared filings to the FBI cybercrime unit.
  • Counseled a gaming company in response to a suspected credit card skimming operation. Guided the client through an initial investigation, engagement with credit card fraud units and government entities, and advice on data breach notification procedures.
  • Successful defense of a major bank in an overdraft class action. Retained, developed, and elicited expert testimony concerning limitations of structured data and impact on the plaintiff’s damages model.
  • Defense of a clinical laboratory in a multi-state attorney general investigation alleging overpayment of Medicaid costs. Served as national discovery counsel, worked with an expert to model damages from legacy datasets.
  • Represents a manufacturer in multi-state products liability litigation relating to property damage allegedly caused by an herbicide.
  • Served on a national coordinating counsel team for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in litigation relating to an anti-anemia medication.
  • Served on a national coordinating counsel team for a medical device company in litigation relating to latex gloves.
  • Served on a national coordinating counsel team for a biologics company in litigation relating to Factor IX products.
  • Served on a national coordinating counsel team for a major cigarette manufacturer in multi-state litigation. Obtained multiple summary judgment awards in favor of a major cigarette manufacturer in Pennsylvania state court.
  • Served as a member of the team that created new Pennsylvania law by successfully arguing that the "heeding presumption" was inapplicable to consumer products voluntarily purchased and consumed.
  • Obtained summary judgment on behalf of a university in asbestos litigation venued in Philadelphia court.
  • Obtained a favorable result for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in trial relating to weight loss medication.
  • Served as lead counsel for a pharmaceutical device company in a toxic tort class action arising from the alleged release of chemicals from the company's North Carolina facility.
  • Successful representation of an oil refiner in litigation arising from alleged benzene exposure at a refining plant.

E-Discovery & Information Governance

  • Served as national discovery counsel for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in litigation relating to a COX-2 inhibitor.
  • Served as national discovery counsel for a pharmaceutical joint venture in litigation relating to statin.
  • Served as national discovery counsel for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in litigation relating to an antipsychotic medication.
  • Serves as national discovery advisor to a major accounting firm.
  • Successful defense of a pharmaceutical company in a spoliation motion arising out of the loss of SAS program files. Led the investigation, including forensic exam, and developed and presented expert testimony.
  • Successful representation of a major stock exchange in a regulatory investigation and class actions arising out of the failure of an IPO pricing engine. Managed and coordinated eDiscovery, including forensic examinations and ESI investigation, for over 100 employees.
  • Successful representation of a pharmaceutical company in a spoliation hearing stemming from the loss of data held in a wiki used for regulatory submissions.
  • Developed records retention and IG programs for two dozen companies in the following industries: auto finance, automotive, car rental, aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical device, commercial paint products, banking, real estate lending, and insurance.

Professional Activities

The Sedona Conference Institute
Member, International Data Privacy, eDiscovery, and Cross-Border Data Transfer Issues Working Groups

Defense Research Institute



Recognition & Accomplishments

The Legal 500 US, Dispute resolution - E-discovery, 2019


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Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law (J.D. 1997)
Member, Political and Civil Rights Law Review
Member, Temple Moot Court
Recipient, Trial Advocacy Program's Outstanding Advocate Award

Temple University (B.A., summa cum laude, 1991)

New Jersey


U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit