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Neal Walters is the Practice Leader of Ballard Spahr's Product Liability and Mass Tort Group, and a member of the firm's Manufacturing and Retail Industry Groups. Neal has a diverse trial and litigation practice focused on protecting product companies, as well as clients involved in technical matters, against a broad range of risks. As counsel for several consumer product manufacturers, he has defended and coordinated product liability and consumer claims, including class actions, through trial in jurisdictions across the country. He also counsels companies on contractual, regulatory, and liability issues arising in the development, sale, and servicing of products. Most recently, this has included responding to emergent requests from clients to address COVID-19 related product risks, including the evaluation and support of emergency PPE.

Automotive Matters

Neal has broad experience counseling automotive companies on regulatory, product development, and service issues, as well as defending these companies in product liability litigation. On a daily basis, Neal defends one the fastest growing domestic distributors of foreign motor vehicles in substantial class action litigation. He has defended allegations of widespread defects in automotive class actions, many of which carried eight- and nine-figure exposure. Neal is one of the few lawyers to have successfully tried two automotive class actions through jury verdicts—resulting in a unique perspective on defending expert and class certification issues. He has been successful in accelerating the dismissal or resolution of these complex cases through motions to dismiss, resourceful class settlements and, more recently, through the use of voluntary market actions.

Neal regularly addresses risk management and regulatory issues arising from the development and field support of motor vehicles. Working with top experts, he has an intimate understanding of parts supply and Production Part Approval Processes (PPAP), as well as FMEA methodologies. Neal also has experience working with Wheelchair Tie-Down and Occupant Restraints (WTOR) systems and other unique mobility issues affecting disabled passengers. He reviews service and sales literature to develop terms and conditions for sales and to validate advertising and other product materials for litigation sensitivity.

In addition, Neal has been engaged in substantial projects to analyze an automotive company's corporate structure to minimize litigation risk; develop processes for early warning decisions; and to train employees on litigation sensitivity and claims processing. Working with the firm's Privacy and Data Security Group, he has provided gap analyses to bring automotive companies into compliance with evolving cybersecurity and data privacy ISO standards. Neal is also a frequent presenter on automotive issues and trends, including the product liability risks associated with the development of autonomous vehicles.

Industrial Matters

Neal has extensive experience defending industrial companies against catastrophic injury cases arising from workplace accidents, toxic torts, fires, and explosions—including Benzyne exposure, nitrus oxide exposure, entrapment claims, building and furnace explosions, and industrial machine accidents. He has developed a deep knowledge of the interplay of immunity issues arising from worker's compensation, OSHA considerations, and managing multiple interdisciplinary experts.

On a weekly basis, Neal and his team advise companies on compliance with ANSI warnings standards and the development of warning labels for applications including steel making, industrial machines, consumer and commercial products, and agriculture. Neal also develops and negotiates the contractual terms and conditions necessary to protect the product in sales and service, including indemnification, insurance and UCC logistical issues with title, bailment, and warranties.

Commercial and Energy Product Matters

Neal addresses legal issues arising in the development of commercial and energy products. This has included a particular emphasis on the development and analysis of the FMEA of smart meters, for which he has substantial experience with applicable UL and ANSI standards. In this role, Neal has overseen the validation of smart meter technologies and analyzed the contractual warranty and litigation issues arising from smart grid performance issues. He has also analyzed the warnings and operational procedures associated with lithium powered home energy sources, as well as solar panels.

Neal has also successfully defended class actions brought under the New Jersey Truth in Consumer Contract and Warranty Notice Act (TCCWNA), a challenging law often implicating the sales disclosures made by product companies in website and other advertising materials.

Representative Matters

  • Led a team advising a major university on the compliance, risk management and licensing for the emergent April 2020 production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare providers fighting COVID-19.
  • Currently defending one of the fastest growing domestic distributors of foreign motor vehicles in six separate class actions alleging consumer fraud and warranty theories.
  • Defending Rally-Cross racing participant in the Central District of Los Angeles against contract claims by a promotions company asserting its business and national racing series failed as a result of tortious interference and fraudulent conduct.
  • Defending an industrial employer in the District of New Jersey against machine accident claims alleged to have satisfied the Millison/Laidlaw substantial certainty exceptions to the New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Act immunity.
  • Counseled numerous middle-market product manufacturing companies on B2B disputes arising from alleged commercial product nonconformities; advice and drafting of appropriate ANSI-compliant warning labels; drafting and consolidation of warranties involving numerous product lines; due diligence supporting corporate acquisitions; and related risk management.
  • Secured voluntary dismissal of product liability claims in Missouri state court on behalf of leading manufacturer of firetrucks.
  • Defended collections company against the claims that collections efforts caused the debtor’s suicide.
  • Defended a manufacturer of vehicle component parts and coordinating multiple product liability actions around the country alleging vehicle defects and personal injury
  • Successfully defended a motor vehicle manufacturer in MDL proceedings to defeat consumer fraud and warranty claims arising from the sale and marketing of OnStar telecommunications services
  • Defended a global manufacturer of refractory brick against claims by a steel furnace operator arising from a large-scale molten steel breakout accident
  • Defended a product manufacturer in a four-week jury trial of a class action alleging product defects and consumer fraud in connection with the sale and servicing of 8,500 motor vehicles; the plaintiff's damages were limited to less than one-tenth of the damages sought; achieved post-trial decertification of the class and engaged in claims process and fee petition proceedings raising due process and appellate issues. Currently defending the case before the New Jersey Supreme Court
  • Counseled a product manufacturer on the development, manufacture, marketing, and product support of a new line of specialty vehicles
  • Secured a defense verdict as lead counsel in a four-week jury trial in California state court, defeating consumer fraud and false advertising claims filed on behalf of the public seeking rescission and injunctive relief, including corrective advertising for an entire product line.
  • Secured dismissal of product liability claims against a manufacturer of high-pressure nitrogen cylinders brought by a worker sustaining catastrophic injuries from cylinder rupture; the matter involved the coordination of multiple liability experts
  • Successfully prosecuted an action on behalf of a welding company to recover a substantial receivable owing on a contract for the fabrication and sale of large-scale steel cylinders used to manufacture silicon chips
  • Secured a nuisance value settlement on behalf of a flexible gas connector manufacturer against product liability claims brought by victims sustaining substantial burn injuries from a gas explosion that leveled an apartment building
  • Prevailed on motion to dismiss complex breach of contract action seeking compensatory damages and injunctive relief for the return of a liquor license associated with the closure of Garden State Race Track
  • Negotiated a class settlement on behalf of New Jersey's largest title company involving alleged RESPA violations
  • Counseled a product manufacturer to develop e-discovery compliance procedures
  • Defeated a competitor's bid protest before the GAO and GSBCA on behalf of a telecommunications company awarded a multimillion-dollar contract
  • Achieved summary judgment or nuisance value settlements on behalf of employers faced with unique challenges to New Jersey's workers' compensation immunity statute; included extensive analyses of the special employer, borrowed servant, and intentional wrong doctrines
  • Prevailed on creative motion for summary judgment at the outset of the case to strike national class allegations filed on behalf of 250,000 product owners prior to the court's holding a class certification hearing in the Superior Court of New Jersey
  • Successfully defended a conversion van company against rollover and roof crush allegations of a quadriplegic arising out of a multivehicle accident in North Carolina; achieved nuisance value settlement; plaintiff proceeded to trial against the van chassis manufacturer in New Jersey and secured an $8 million verdict
  • Obtained a dismissal of unfair trade practice claims in statewide class action against a vehicle manufacturer in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
  • Secured summary judgment on behalf of an automobile manufacturer to dismiss defective restraint system claims in the Superior Court of New Jersey

Pro Bono Experience

Neal served as a part of a team that successfully pursued litigation, regulatory, and legislative action on behalf of an Indian tribe to secure Historic Preservation protection for a 10,000-year-old archaeological site in Northern New Jersey.

Professional Activities

Rutgers School of Law-Camden, former Adjunct Professor, Pretrial Advocacy and Electronic Discovery

Defense Research Institute

Recognition & Accomplishments

Chambers USA, litigation: product liability (New Jersey ranking, 2012-2020; national ranking, 2009-2013)

The Legal 500 US, Product liability and mass tort defense – automotive/transport, 2015-2020

Recipient, New Jersey Law Journal "40 Under 40" award, 2007

Recipient, 2003 Conservation Award, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, for his team's pro bono efforts in successfully pursuing an injunction to preserve a site of archaeological significance on behalf of the Lenni-Lenape Indians


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Community Activities

Neal is a Trustee of the Board of Directors, and the Chair of the Governance Committee, of the South Jersey Food Bank. Neal was a collegiate baseball player and is an athletics enthusiast. He is an avid golfer and is actively involved in coaching a variety of youth sports for the Marlton (New Jersey) Recreation Council.

Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey School of Law-Newark (J.D. 1993)

Rutgers College (B.A. 1990)

New Jersey


U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit