James Kim


Mr. Kim will join a panel of attorneys and government officials to discuss the following topics:

  • How federal regulators view the emerging payments landscape
  • Which products and services are of the most concern to federal regulatory and enforcement agencies and why
  • Preparing for and responding to increased federal enforcement efforts
  • Overview of recent high-profile cases, as well as what penalties have been assessed against whom and why
  • FinCEN’s initiatives in the payments space
  • The FBI’s Virtual Currency Emerging Threats Working Group
  • Consumer protection concerns raised by emerging payment systems
  • Efficacy of existing regulations, many of which were written without emerging payment systems in mind
  • How federal agencies will ensure that consumers are adequately protected
  • Assessing the key issues and pitfalls at the federal level relating to money transmission
  • Ensuring that your company has taken the necessary steps to satisfy regulatory scrutiny
  • FTC’s crackdown on payment processors
  • What will the regulatory landscape for emerging payment systems look like in the near future and which agencies will be involved?
  • How departures at key agencies are impacting the payments industry
  • How are the agencies dealing with key departures and understaffing issues?
  • How the payments industry and federal agencies can work together in a better and more efficient manner
  • Piloting of new products by government agencies

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