Neal Walters 


Mr. Walters will participate in a discussion on recent developments in class action litigation. Topics will include:

  • What cases are recently decided and brewing that will directly affect manufacturers and consumers? Where is the battleground today, and for the near future, in class actions?
  • Examining the interplay between Knowles and CAFA: removal from state to federal court where total recovery including attorney’s fees is $5 million or more and preventing forum shopping
  • Identifying the commonality of class action claims
  • “Rule 23(b)(3)” class actions
  • Class action in the absence of manifest defect: examining the Whirlpool decision
  • Arbitration clauses on class action waivers
  • Nuances with MDL litigation
    • Choice of law issues
    • Procedural considerations—discovery issues unique to MDL litigation
    • Coordination between state and federal MDL proceedings
    • Using MDL as a method to defeat class action litigation 

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