This CLE webinar will provide bank counsel with an analysis of Regulation W governing transactions that banks may conduct with affiliates and insiders, the impact of Dodd-Frank mandates on the affiliate transaction rules, and best practices to comply with the requirements.



Sections 23A and 23B of the Federal Reserve Act (as implemented by Regulation W) restrict certain transactions between banks and their non-bank affiliates. Considered by regulators to be an essential tool to ensure the soundness of banks, Reg W compliance is critical in the current era of heightened scrutiny.

Several provisions in Dodd-Frank tightened the restrictions on affiliate transactions, particularly with respect to derivatives transactions. The scope of “affiliates” and transactions subject to Section 23A have been expanded and collateral requirements for extensions of credit increased.

While not a technical amendment to Section 23A, the Volcker Rule restricts covered banking entities from engaging in certain kinds of transactions with covered funds. Counsel must carefully consider the Volcker Rule in analyzing the propriety of relationships with investment funds.

Listen as our authoritative panel of banking attorneys guides you through the complex affiliate transaction rules, discusses regulatory changes from Dodd-Frank and offers best practices for compliance.


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • What are the qualitative and quantitative limits and collateral requirements of Section 23A for covered transactions?
  • How does Section 23B ensure that transactions between banks and their affiliates occur on market terms?
  • What additional restrictions on affiliate transactions do Dodd-Frank Amendments to Section 23A and Section 23B mandate?
  • What are the additional restrictions on affiliate transactions covered under the Volcker Rule?