Richard J. Andreano, Jr


Mr. Andreano will cover the following topics during the webinar:

RESPA/TILA Integrated Disclosure Rule Basics

  • Scope
  • Effective Date
  • The New Forms
  • Transition
  • Dual Functionality
  • Liability

Pre-Application Limits

  • Written Cost Estimate Requirements
  • Upfront Fee Limits
  • Upfront Verification Limits

Revised Definition of Application

  • Implications

Loan Estimate Rules

  • Who Provides; Timing and Delivery
  • Written List of Providers
  • Limits on Increase in Charges
  • Ability to Revise Loan Estimate
  • Fee Disclosure Approach

Tour of Loan Estimate Form

Closing Disclosure Rules

  • Who Provides; Timing and Delivery
  • Ability to Revise Closing Disclosure
  • Fee Disclosure Approach
  • Post Consummation Corrections

Tour of Closing Disclosure Form 

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