Marjorie J. Peerce


Ms. Peerce joins other distinguished faculty to focus on strategies that attorneys can use to best represent taxpayers under criminal investigation. Topics to be covered include:

  • Elements of commonly prosecuted federal and state tax crimes
  • Current IRS and DOJ tax prosecution initiatives (particularly foreign bank account investigations)
  • Voluntary disclosures to state and federal authorities, reacting to the commencement of a criminal investigation
  • Administrative vs. grand jury investigations
  • Methods of proof
  • Common defenses
  • Attorney-client and joint defense issues
  • Hiring accountants to assist defense counsel
  • Whether to file (or amend) returns while under investigation
  • Parallel civil IRS issues (including offers-in-compromise and civil fraud penalties)
  • Expert testimony at trial
  • Sentencing advocacy issues under the United States Sentencing Guidelines  

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