Richard J. Andreano, Jr.


The ability-to-repay final rule is expected to significantly affect the mortgage, real estate, and settlement services industries. In-depth training on these rules is essential for business professionals who are in any way connected to residential real estate transactions, mortgage lending, or settlement services, to ensure the viability of a transaction for their customers, as well as for the secondary market.

Mr. Andreano will present as part of this 90-minute webinar, providing in-depth insight into the new ability-to-repay final rules. Questions to be addressed include: 

  • How government regulators structured QM: Did they use a safe harbor or rebuttable presumption of compliance? What must an originator do to comply with QM? Is this different from the proposal? What will the impact be? 
  • How did the regulators handle points and fees in the final ability-to-repay rule? Did they adopt their proposal, which would likely have an impact on affiliated business arrangements? 
  • In what other ways is the ability-to-repay final rule different from the proposal? 
  • What are the best practices for compliance? 

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