Neal Walters


Corporate attorneys and outside counsel for auto manufacturers and component part suppliers must find ways to reduce the cost of litigation while simultaneously dealing with the challenges of product recalls, class action claims, the increased cost in litigation product liability cases, and the rise in social media postings.

Mr. Walters and fellow panelists will discuss the latest on consumer fraud claims and disclosure/accuracy claims.

Consumer fraud claims topics include: 

  • Allegations that defects caused consumer costs for repairs and vehicles diminished in value 
  • Overcoming the claim that the defendant should have informed the plaintiff they had pre-existing knowledge of the defect 
  • Assessing whether consumer fraud and negligent misrepresentation or glorified breach of warranty cases are disguised as class action claims 
  • Identifying and managing vehicle manufacturing, sales and service documents, and data that raise consumer fraud claims 
  • Examining concepts for training the automotive work force on greater sensitivity to regulatory and litigation risk 
  • Creating trial tactics for defeating automotive consumer fraud claims: deploying consumer behavior principles

Disclosure/accuracy claims topics include:

  • Assessing claims that fuel economy is misrepresented on Monroney label 
  • Examining claims of odometer inaccuracy; assessing risk and damages 
  • Identifying successful defense strategies

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