Alan S. Kaplinsky
John L. Culhane, Jr.
Christopher J. Willis 


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is moving rapidly to assert supervisory jurisdiction over debt collectors and debt buyers, and is expected to begin intensive examinations in a few months. Recent comments by the CFPB’s Director make it clear that these examinations will cover not only traditional FDCPA compliance issues, but also the accuracy and integrity of debt documentation, and practices relating to the execution of affidavits by debt collectors.

Mr. Kaplinsky, Mr. Culhane, and Mr. Willis will provide tips on such issues as:

  • The CFPB’s authority over debt collectors under the proposed “Larger Participant” Rule
  • The CFPB examination process: what it involves and how to be prepared
  • The CFPB’s focus on record-keeping, account data quality, and affidavit execution issues
  • Hot FDCPA issues for the CFPB
  • The national strategic plan on debt collection enforcement between the CFPB, the FTC, and state Attorneys General

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