Jeffrey S. Pitcher


Mr. Pitcher will participate on a panel that will answer these questions:

  • Are you seeing a lot of product to put on the market or are you maintaining the status quo? 
  • What exit strategies are you favoring? 
  • What is bringing you to trade assets? 
  • Is extend-and-pretend finally winding down across the industry?
  • When will product flood to market? 
  • What are your workout war stories? 
  • How do you manage conflicts between debt holders? 
  • What are the keys to a successful workout?
  • How can the different stakeholders in a deal work effectively with you? 
  • CMBS: How are you interacting with borrowers to move problem loans out the other side? 
  • When do you bring in a receiver? 
  • What is the outlook for 2012?

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