Dominic J. De Simone 


Mr. De Simone joins a panel of noted senior real estate finance professionals, investors in real estate debt, and attorneys involved in distressed real estate initiatives on this roundtable discussing the current status of the capital markets, considering that cash is a valuable resource and transaction activity is scarce.

Panelists will address such questions as:

  • Are the credit markets de-thawing, or are the banks hording cash?
  • What is the federal government doing to restore investor confidence?
  • What are the current strains on the financial sector, the return of debt return for real estate investment, and the pricing impact of de-leveraging?
  • How are lenders handling loan maturities, extensions, restructurings, and non-performing/defaulted loans?
  • How are new deals getting structured and under what terms?
  • What opportunities exist to buy distressed debt or assets?

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