Although she was removed from the Philadelphia Family Court bench in June, Judge Lyris Younge continues to have her rulings overturned on appeal—this time for inappropriately locking up a grandmother at a court hearing.

A three-judge Pennsylvania Superior Court panel held that Younge, who is under investigation by the Judicial Conduct Board, should not have incarcerated H.R., as she is referred to in the opinion, simply because the grandmother did not know her 26-year-old daughter's whereabouts in a case involving her grandchild, referred to as N.M.

"It was completely improper to lock up this poor grandmother for something over which she had no control," said Ballard Spahr's R. Stephen Stigall, one of H.R.'s attorneys. "She had no run-ins with the law before she was jailed. It was not a lengthy time in jail, but for someone who has never been in a jail cell, even an hour is terrifying at the least."

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