Described by officials as the "first fully articulated cyber strategy in 15 years," the new strategy describes how the current administration plans on protecting the country against cyber threats and strengthening the United States' cyber capabilities.

The strategy shows that the U.S. is prepared to take a more aggressive posture, which includes an offensive response against nations engaging in cyber activity aimed at the country. Officials warned that the government's response to a cyberattack may not necessarily be in the cyber world. Industry professionals contacted by SecurityWeek commented on various aspects of the new strategy, pointing out its benefits, shortcomings, and the unanswered questions it raises.

"The [s]trategy emphasizes leveraging information and communications technology providers to detect, prevent and mitigate risk at the system level," said Ed McAndrew, partner and co-chair of the Privacy and Data Security Group at Ballard Spahr. "It [also] prioritizes improved cybersecurity in the transportation industry, particularly maritime transportation."

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