Pennsylvania employers will have to comply with new overtime rules if proposed changes to the white-collar exemptions are finalized.

Currently in the state, employees who are exempt from overtime under the administrative, executive or professional (white-collar) exemptions must be paid on a salary basis at a rate of at least $250 per week ($13,000 per year) and must perform certain duties. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has proposed incremental increases to the salary threshold. Though the state's current salary threshold is far below the federal rate of $455 per week ($26,660 per year), the proposal would raise the threshold to just above the failed 2016 federal overtime rule's $47,476 salary level.

The biggest thing that employers need to remember is that federal law sets the floor, and states can have more employee-friendly requirements, Ballard Spahr attorney Shannon Farmer said. "Employers in Pennsylvania can't just assume that the state follows federal law and that they don't have any further obligations under state law," she added. "Employers need to look at both."

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