Social entrepreneur Jacquie Berglund quit a good job and sold her condo to start Finnegans, a beer company that has donated $1.2 million since 2003 to nutrition programs.

Berglund also has witnessed Finnegans' revenue stagnate for several years as Twin Cities specialty brewers grew from a handful to more than 100.

"We couldn't compete," she admitted. "Many other brewers have a taproom."

Now she's rolling out the barrels.

Berglund has brewed a seven-figure, multi-tap strategy designed to double beer production to up to 12,000 barrels and double revenue to more than $4 million this year.

"This will be our time," she predicted this month from Finnegans House, a $10 million, four-level brewery, taproom, social club, and entrepreneurial center located in downtown Minneapolis.

Kraus-Anderson, the developer-contractor, financed and built Finnegans House as something of a social centerpiece of its $125 million overhaul of its headquarters block. It's quite an upgrade from K-A's nondescript old digs and surface parking lot.

Berglund, who also raised more than $1 million from three individuals to build out and equip the brewery and taproom, has managed to position her brand for significant growth, thanks to deep pocketed partners.

She gratefully mentions longtime advisers, including longtime attorney Barb Rummel, the Baker Tilly accounting firm, her Kraus-Anderson partners, and a host of business and nonprofit mentors and confidants.

"I may have too much on my plate," Berglund conceded. "But I'm pretty good at connecting the dots."

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