The art still at the Barnes Foundation in Merion is not going anywhere. It's not being sold. It's not being given away. Nor is the Merion property itself being readied for sale in the near or distant future, according to officials.

"Selling Merion is expressly disallowed" by the foundation's charter documents, said Barnes president and chief executive Thomas Collins.

Even though St. Joseph's University next door is taking over much of the management and use of the 12-acre arboretum property just off City Avenue, the Barnes' purpose is not to shed art or property, Collins said.

St. Joe's signed a 30-year lease on the historic property in November 2017, renewable in three 20-year increments, with the express purpose of establishing a horticulture program in partnership with the Barnes. And the Barnes is seeking to enhance its own horticultural education program.

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